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Event Rules

Let's get down to the nitty gritty...


The time of entry until 1 month prior to each event, we offer a 50% refund.  

1 month prior, 25% refund.

2 weeks prior, no refund.

Entries can be transferred to the following race but no transfers to following year.

Any merchandise cancellations incur a $3 fee per item.

There will be no refund given if the race is cancelled due to severe weather or unforeseen circumstances. Cancellation is at the race directors' discretion and in the interest of participants safety.

​The race directors have the right to change/modify the course if deemed necessary.


  • The course is made up of CP's and the HUB. All teams must go to all CP's and the HUB in order and click their timing chips as proof.

  • Any missed CP's and/ or the HUB will incur a 1hr penalty (ensure your timing chip beeps!)

  • Any CP's done out of order will also incur a 1hr time penalty unless the error is rectified.

  • When entering the HUB to change disciplines, all teams must check in 

  • All transitions to be carried out at the HUB.

  • Cut off times may be in place for some sections of the race. 

  • Team members must be no more than 100 m apart at any time. 

  • Race bibs/numbers must be worn at all times and clearly visible.

  • Watch out for detours on the course. A missed detour will incur a  1hr time penalty.

All competitors must: 


  • Adhere to event rules 

  • Carry the compulsory gear with them at all times on the course

  • Attend the race briefing.

  • Inform the race directors of any serious medical conditions that may adversely affect them during the race.

  • Sign the risk disclosure.

  • Be aware a good base level of fitness is required for the event. You must be able to exercise continuously for a duration between 3-4 hrs.

  • Enter under their own responsibility. Individuals can judge whether they should participate in the event, start and continue to the finish line. Nevertheless the organisers reserve the right to stop a competitor or team from setting off or continuing the event.

  • Min age to race is 10, but must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Min unaccompanied age is 13.


I fully understand that I compete in the Dirt Duathlon series at my own risk and have read and understood the terms and conditions of entry. The BIG BANG Adventure Charitable Trust, its trustees, volunteers, landowners and sponsors do not accept any liability whatsoever for any damage to persons or property (including negligence) that may arise as a result of my participation in the Dirt Duathlon series. I am aware there is an inherent risk of serious injury or death whilst participating in the Dirt Duathlon series.

​I agree that photos and / or videos can be taken of my team, supporters and myself at any time during the event and these images can be used for promotion and advertising.

​I confirm my race gear has not come into contact with fresh-water pests including Didymo or has been thoroughly cleaned and dried prior to commencing this event.

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