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About Us

The Dirt Duathlon Series is run by the Big Bang Adventure Charitable Trust 

February 2024

It's time for change!

The Big Bang Adventure Charitable Trust is after some fresh blood to give the events new energy.

We are keen to hear from those interested in becoming trustees or the new event manager.

After 14 years of living and breathing everything Big Bang, the instigator of this crazy Big Bang family, Carrie Yaxley is stepping down as event manager. "It's time to take some time for myself and the family before they all up and leave home!' Two of the other founding members of the trust, Marty Yaxley and Simone Dawson, are also retiring. Pete Dawson is keen to continue the legacy but needs some help!

This is not an immediate thing, the 2024 events will continue as normal with Carrie, Marty, Si and Pete at the helm, with a view to the new trust taking over for 2025. 

Keen to chat to find out more, give Carrie a call on 021775432 or flick an email to

We were established in November 2010 and are registered with the Charities Commission. Our registration number is: CC45878.


Our trust is comprised of 4 trustees who wanted to share their enthusiasm for the outdoors and who recognised a need in the community for adventure-based activities. Our aim is to allow access to the outdoors in a relatively controlled and safe environment.


Together we have a combined experience of over 60 years in the outdoor industry, from managing an outdoor company in Scotland, to owning one in New Zealand. We have extensive event management experience and have worked the white waters of Venezuela, Colorado, New Zealand, Scotland and lead multi-pitch rock climbing & ice climbing. We have participated in and instructed kayaking, windsurfing, sailing, open boating, SUP's, bugging, abseiling, bridge swinging, mountain biking, hiking, canyoning, cliff jumping, team building activities and any other activity that keeps us away from the office!

We welcome you to join us in our next adventure in the Dirt Duathlon adventure racing series. 


Carrie, Marty, Pete and Si

Check out our other event the Big Bang Adventure Race, a 6-9 hr adventure race in November each year.

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