Entry Fees

Check out the entry fee below. Get in early for a sweet deal, enter the series and receive a wee present from us. 

Check out the table below for event entry fees.












Series entries, come and do them all

A sweet deal, discounted entry AND a free Thermatech gift PP.

This limited to the 1st 100 individuals who enter the series before 5/6/22,  and are available for collection at the 1st event.

Under 18's receive a $10 student discount.

10-12 years old pay a flat fee of $40 per event, the discount will be applied

at the checkout.

Late entry fee of an additional $20 per person will apply 2 weeks before each event.

Series entry late fee, within the final two weeks before race 1, will revert to the standard fee

(but it's still a deal!)